Astrological Consultancy + Spiritual Cleansing / Healing and Awakening Retreat

Welcome my dear friend…

I am Serkan Balaban. I am a vedic astrologer, astrology teacher and a shamanic guide living in Izmir. I am the founder of the astrology course (, so I am the teacher of countless successful vedic astrologers.

In the last 2 years, I have had many friends from other countries visit my home for spiritual purification and awakening retreats. They all asked me why you don’t give consultancy to foreign people as well. Thus, I decided to provide astrological consultancy not only to people living in Turkey but also to friends living in other countries and to open space for spiritual purification and awakening retreats.

How can I help you?

  1. Vedic Astrological Consultancy
  2. Spiritual Purification and Awakening Retreats

details are below…

Vedic Astrological Consultancy

Option 1 : Marriage and Love Astrology

Option 2 : Business, Job and Money Astrology

Option 3 : Deep Analysis and Coaching

details are below…

Marriage and Love Astrology

  • Is there marriage or remarriage in your future?
  • When might the future marriage date be?
  • Is there a possibility of divorce, and if so, when might it happen?
  • What are the behaviors and times you should pay attention to if you do not want a divorce?
  • If you want to divorce, what are the times you can consider?
  • What is your married life like and how can it be better?
  • What is the financial situation like in marriage?
  • What kind of person is the person you will marry, what does he do, what is his zodiac sign, how can you meet him?
  • When can you have children, what gender can they be?
  • Is there an evil eye or magic effect on your fortune, how can it be removed?
  • How can your relationship be with your spouse’s family?
  • What are the planets that need to be healed for a good love and marriage life and how can they be healed?
  • How will it turn out if you have secret relationships?
  • Do secret relationships cause loss of reputation?
  • Other questions you may have…

Sessison (1 Hour) : $990 $520 (until May 31)

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Money, Business, Career Astrology

  • In which business field can you make money more easily?
  • Which sector or profession would make you feel good?
  • Are there signs of wealth in your chart?
  • Can you earn on investments and when?
  • When should you avoid financial risks?
  • When will you get lucky with money?
  • Is partnership work suitable for you?
  • How and when do you have the chance to get a permanent job in the public sector or corporate reliable companies?
  • Will there be a rise in your career, and when will it happen?
  • Is a managerial position possible and suitable for you?
  • Is it better to start your own business or get a paid job?
  • Are there risky periods when you could be laid off?
  • If you run your own business, when might you experience congestion?
  • What are the appropriate dates to start or apply for a new job?
  • Do you have a chance to earn money from abroad?
  • What about house, car, real estate, inheritance issues?
  • What happens to the status of debts and receivables?
  • Any other questions you may have…

Sessison (1 Hour) : $990 $520 (until May 31))

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Deep Analysis and Coaching

  • What’s your dharma (purpose of life)?
  • What is your highest potential and how can you unlock it?
  • What are your karmic debts and how can you get rid of them?
  • What is your karma in this life and what you need to learn, what lessons you need to learn?
  • What are the areas and times you should pay attention to regarding health?
  • What are your weaknesses that you need to strengthen?
  • What are your strengths that you should consider?
  • Are you open to evil eye and magic energies, when?
  • What kind of life did you have in your past life?
  • When are the important turning points in your life?
  • When are the lucky and risky periods?
  • How will your cases progress?
  • Do you have secret enemies, where are they, what are they doing?
  • What are the appropriate or inappropriate times for any topic?
  • Any other questions you may have…

Sessison (3 Hour) : $1490 – $999 (until May 31)

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Spiritual Retreats for Cleansing / Healing and Awakening

Your life is about to change. If you are ready!… These will be the most important days you will remember in your life…

This is a deep retreat will designed specifically for you that you can attend individually, with your family or friends. These are the days when your life will change. After this special, deep spiritual journey and training, your life will never be the same again. Your frequency will rise, you will understand life, you will see the true nature of people, you will find the power to rearrange your life.

We will host you for 3 nights in the house where my wife and I live. We will go for a forest walk together and maybe go to the sea. We will meditate together and go on a deep shamanic journey for 3 nights. We will receive guidance from ancestral plants on shamanic journeys.

You will be cleared of all your spiritual burdens, you will understand the reasons for what you are experiencing, and you will learn how to shape your future.

What you are looking for is not outside, but within yourself. You will find the absolute truth of yourself in this deep spiritual awakening retreat. Your questions about the secret of life will end and you will begin to live a meaningful, peaceful life.

If you know yourself, you know God.

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May all your wishes come true…

Stay with love…

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